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ATLANTIS always offers the best quality sprinklers to its customers in the agricultural irrigation systems it has produced. We irrigate your products by using NELSON, SENNINGER and KOMET brand products, which we distribute as a manufacturer, in the right place.

We keep both rotary (rotating) and fixed (spray) products in our stocks. The rotating sprinkler distributes water homogeneously according to the needs of the plant with its 360° rotational movement. Spray sprinklers also give the water homogeneously to the plant without turning around.

Sprinklers selected according to the product type, soil characteristics and meteorological conditions constitute important parts of our ATLANTIS brand.

All sprinklers are kept in stock to meet the needs of our customers, with dozens of different nozzle options.

Pressure Regulating Valves

Various pressure regulating valves are used at the machine inlets to control the variable flow and pressure in Atlantis Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation machines. Homogeneous water distribution is ensured in sloping areas with NELSON, SENNINGER and KOMET brand pressure regulators that we distribute as a manufacturer.


By placing flow meters, pressure sensors, soil moisture sensors and meteorological sensors at the entrances of Atlantis Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation machines, plant-soil-air and water controls are carried out and irrigation is planned by optimizing these.

Timers and Control Systems

They are systems used to automate Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation systems. Works efficiently with new or existing systems. It is easy to install and program. Thanks to these timers, irrigation is done by adjusting the machines at the desired speed. It can also be used for security purposes. As a result of our R&D studies, it is possible to control and monitor the systems from anywhere with PLC controlled, SCADA controlled control systems. On/off, wet/waterless, speed control, working direction, flow control, alarms, pump control, fertilizer and pesticide control, meteorological controls and soil moisture controls can be made on the systems.



Our wheels with dimensions of 10.0×20, 11.2×24, 14.9×24, 16.9×24, 11.2×38 enable Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation machines to move comfortably in all kinds of soil conditions. Products with proven durability are used as 6-8-10 layers and with/without inner tube.


Reducer Motor and Gears

Gearmotors work easily in difficult terrain conditions thanks to their high torque and efficiency. They are specially designed for irrigation systems. The outer body is resistant to wear and corrosion thanks to its aluminum enclosure. It is used with varying gearbox ratios such as 1:25, 1:30, 1:40 and 1:50, by choosing according to the terrain and machine conditions.

With its high torque ratio in gears, waterproof body, strong shaft outputs, selections suitable for the most difficult conditions are made and kept in stock.



Thanks to these equipment used between the engine and the gearbox, it ensures that the irrigation system runs smoothly even in the most difficult terrains. The shafts used can be aluminum or cast body.


Percentage Timer

The Percentile Timer is one of the important control units that organizes the movement and pause times of the pivot towers during irrigation. Thus, it determines the amount of irrigation to the regions where the system pauses during these periods. The pivot system starting to turn depends on the movement of the last tower wheels. When the last tower moves, a signal will be sent to the overhead control boxes for the other towers to activate. When the timer is set to 100%, the last tower must move continuously so the Pivot system will water without any pauses. In other words, the Timer determines how many seconds the system will rotate in every 60 seconds.

  • Operation time
  • Pause Time