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With its experienced and expert staff, Atlantis provides technical service and maintenance services 24/7 at home and abroad. Both customer and dealer technical personnel are trained on the use, fault detection and solution of Atlantis Irrigation machines. By informing and guiding the farmers and producers about the seasonal maintenance of the machines, more efficient operation and long-lasting use of the machines are ensured. Customers are informed via SMS and e-mail.

For technical service, you can get support at +90 533 472 42 27 you can get support from the phone number.

Climate Conditions

One of the most important things to be done depending on your climate and geographical conditions is to prepare your Center Pivot or Linear Irrigation Machines for the winter season. For this, drain the water in the pipes by opening the drain valves. In case of frost, it will damage your machine.

Moving Parts

Be sure to lubricate your machine from the places where the moving parts are located on the Shaft and Main Tower and where the grease fitting holes are.

Collector – Cable

Check the collector cable connections and brushes. If there is any lack of contact and wear on the brushes, you should intervene or replace for your machine to run smoothly.

Wheel and Wheel Nut

Check the correct air pressure in the wheels. Also make sure the wheel nuts are tight.


Transmission (Gearbox)

If the viscosity of the Transmission (Gear Box) and Geared Motor oils has not exceeded, you should definitely change the oil. Also, top up the lost oil. Otherwise, the transmission (gear box) that you operate without oil may cause malfunction.


Check the shafts. If there is any looseness, play or wear on the head parts, they should be replaced. These head parts will eventually wear out, and when you see that the wear starts, you will save on the cost of replacing them.

Peak Control Box

Make sure that the contactor of the overhead control boxes pulls and releases correctly. The core may not be pulling completely. Over time, the contacts lose their conductivity due to the electric arc and they stick together. In some cases, the contacts are intact and your contactor coil may burn.

Make sure that the thermal, On-OFF switch, mechanical parts and springs are working smoothly.

You can prevent them from getting stuck by lubricating the Switch Latch, rod and rod heads with spray oil.


By making the correct alignment, it will reduce the structural stress and contractions on the Center Pivot or Linear and will ensure that it works correctly.

Sprinkler and Pressure Regulators

Sprinkler heads (Sprink and Pressure Regulator Group) should be checked. Nozzles, pads and regulators should be replaced every 10,000 hours of operation.

Control Panel

Make sure that no water or foreign matter enters your main control panel and that electrical materials are not in any way endangered.

Timely Correct Maintenance

It is in your best interest to have the Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation systems maintained on time and by the authorized service.