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Linear irrigation systems are systems developed to irrigate thin and long rectangular fields by moving straight. In order for the system to work, the machine that receives water along a line makes linear motion and irrigates. The machines can easily work on slopes up to 4-5%. The length of the systems can reach up to 1000 meters.

Linear Irrigation Machines can provide irrigation efficiency up to 85-95%. Linear Irrigation Machines do not leave unirrigated areas by irrigating up to 98% of the land. It is possible to fertilize from a single center with the systems.

Types of Linear Irrigation Machines

2 Wheel Linear Irrigation Machines

The water taken by the hydrant every 200 meters from the main pipe laid under the ground throughout the land is connected to the linear system with the help of the lateral pipe and irrigation is carried out.

4-Wheel Linear Irrigation Machines

The systems that have 4 wheels designed to irrigate the larger lands with linear machines and have a strong traction system.

Hippodrome System Linear Irrigation Machines

With this type of machines, you can irrigate like a Hippodrome. It is possible to irrigate larger lands with a single machine.

Canal Suction Linear Irrigation Machines

Thanks to a pump placed on the linear machine from the canal opened along the land, they absorb the water and perform automatic irrigation. Pipes are not needed to carry water in these machines. With these systems, it is possible to irrigate larger lands.

Towable Linear Irrigation Machines

Designed to irrigate rectangular and adjacent (adjacent) lands, the machine is self-propelled or towed with the help of a tractor, and is taken to the adjacent land and allows irrigation there.

Mono Span Linear Irrigation Machines

They are machines that consist of a single tower and are manufactured as towable or self-propelled, and are designed to irrigate small and side-by-side lands. It is economical.

With Linear Irrigation Systems;

Corn, Wheat, Sunflower, Sugar Cane, Canola, Barley, Alfalfa, Sugar Beet, Dwarf Fruit and Citrus Trees, Melon, Watermelon, All fodder crops, Cotton, Onion, Potato, Legumes and many other plants can be irrigated.