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Linear Irrigation Systems

* The Linear Irrigation Systems are developed for the purpose of the irrigating of rectangular shaped fields. The machine that takes water affects irrigation by making a linear movement a long a line for the system to operate.

* The Linear Irrigation Machinery may provide a water usage efficiency that may reach up to  95 %. The Linear Irrigation Machinery do not leave any areas that are not irrigated by affecting irrigation up to the %98 of the land.

* The Linear Irrigation Systems can comfortably operate at slopes tha may reach  4-5 %. The lenght of the systems may reach up to 1000 meters.

* Corn, Wheat,

* Barley, Clover,

* Sugar Beet,

* Low Height Fruit and Citrus Trees,

* Watermelon -Melon,

* All Fodder Plants,

* Cotton, Onion, Potatoes,

*Legumes, and a number of other plants may be irrigated with Linear Irrigation Machinery.