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Our company provides consultancy services in agricultural areas, landscape areas and golf areas.

Agricultural Watering : In the selection of agricultural irrigation machine, national and international consultancy services are provided with its expert Agricultural Engineer staff in the field structure, soil conditions, climatic conditions, product variety, product range and irrigation system and machine selection according to the needs of the farmer/producer, in order to save labor, water, time and energy. is intended to assist.

Herbal Production : Considering the type of product to be produced, the geography where it is grown, soil structure and product characteristics, high yields are obtained by providing consultancy for all kinds of plant production activities and possible plant diseases and prevention methods, and the prevention of product structural defects.

Landscape : It provides consultancy services on all infrastructure activities, project design, irrigation project design and implementation, material selection and supply, landscaping in landscape areas.

Golf : With its expert staff who closely follow the technology in golf fields, it provides the right course selection and feasibility studies, the design and implementation of irrigation systems, technical support, material sales and consultancy services.