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Atlantis Maintenance

With its experienced and expert staff, Atlantis provides technical and maintenance services 24/7 at home and abroad. Technical trainings are provided to both customer and dealer technical personnel on the use, fault detection and solution of Atlantis Irrigation Machines. By informing and guiding farmers and producers about the seasonal maintenance of the machines, it is ensured that the machines operate more efficiently and last longer. Customers are informed via sms and e-mail.

For technical service, you can get support at +90 533 472 42 27

Electrical Equipment And Connections

After turning off the main switch on the main control panel, check the cable connections and collector and tower control boxes inside the panel.


Motor actors and gearbox can shorten the life of the motor. Be sure to check and replace worn actuators.

Gear Box And Oil Treatments

Check the oil levels and oil quality of the gearbox and motors. Be sure to replace the oils that have passed the viscosity with a new one. Make sure that the seals do not get oil.

Wheels And Tire Pressure

Check the wheel pressure (26psi) and check your walking tracks. The correct tire pressure is vital to the correct operation of the machine’s mechanical parts and equipment. Otherwise, it will cause you to make mistakes in the schedule in your irrigation schedule. Also, do not forget to check and tighten the wheel nuts. All tires lose pressure over time, causing 1PSI pressure to change every 0.556 degrees Celsius. Fill in deep tire tracks caused by irrigation and soil structure.

Moving Parts

Be sure to lubricate all moving parts on the machine. Do not forget to make your lubrications in the grease fittings in the central tower – column pipe and grease fittings in the crosshead head shafts.

Alignment and Water Discharge

Make sure the tower control box micro switches and rod adjustments are correct. Your machine will cause misalignment of the pivot if the correct tij and switvh settings are not made. This will cause the machine to go into alarm and not operate. If you have problems with water quality or if your water contains sand, you should open your drain valves in the muff, drain the sand and other foreign material accumulated in the pipes and clean your pipes.

Sprinkler Heads

One of the most important parts of your machine is the sprinkler head. You should choose the most suitable sprinkler head according to the soil plant structure in your field. When the irrigation season is over, you should disassemble it and keep it in the proper place, and when the season starts, you should reinsert it in the same nozzle order. In general, the sprinkler should be replaced after every 10,000 hours of operation. You should definitely replace the broken or worn sprinkler heads with new ones. These factors are the factors that will disrupt the uniform and you may experience fluctuation and yield losses in your products.

Energy Efficiency

The operating pressure of your machine should be compatible with the sprinkler heads. You can lower the costs of submersible pumps or centrifugal energy consumption. Check the water inlet pressure of your machine continuously and keep it constant at the same pressure.