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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

These systems that are being developed for the purpose of irrigating large agricultural areas in the most economic way and at high performance in many locations of the world have made themselves to be accepted also with the being irrigated of a lot of plants under different land and climatic conditions as the years pass.

Center Pivot can operate at slopes that reach 15 %. The water usage efficiency in the Center Pivot Irrigation systems reaches to 90 – 95 %. Center Pivot Irrigation Machinery comprises of towers that reach 34 to 60 meters.

Thousands of acres of land can be irrigated automatically with Center Pivot Irrigation systems without manual intervention. Center Pivot Irrigation Machinery may reach up to 1 100 meters of radius by starting from 50 meters (A single machine can affect irrigation up to an area of approximately 3800 decares).

You may affect irrigation with Center Pivot Irrigation systems by using less water that reaches 35 % – 50 % compared to other surface Irrigation systems.

  • Corn, Wheat,
  • Barley, Clover,
  • Sugar Beet,
  • Low Height Fruit and Citrus Trees,
  • Watermelon – Melon,
  • All Fodder Plants,
  • Cotton, Onion, Potatoes,
  • Legumes, and
  • A number of other plants may be irrigated with Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Machinery.