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Corporate Culture

Atlantis, operating in the fields of agricultural areas, landscape areas and golf sites, commenced its activities at Istanbul in 1998. Manufacturing and installation of agricultural irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, landscape (recreational) irrigation systems, manufacturing compact construction machinery, manufacturing and installation of greenhouses constitute the principal activities of Atlantis.

Atlantis achieved manufacturing Agricultural Irrigation Systems (Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems) in its own factory in Turkey in 2005.While Producers/farmers are irrigating their area, they will save their money, time and labor costs with these modern Agricultural Irrigation Systems.

Atlantis continues its activities scrupulously and has many authorized dealers and distributors all over Turkey and deliver its customers the best service quality and reliability. By means of its specialized staff following up closely the technology in the areas of Irrigation and manufacturing machinery, Atlantis is providing system projects, implementing the same, technical support, material sales as well as consultancy.

Ongoing with its activities with utmost self sacrifice, care and expertise, Atlantis has several agents and authorized dealers throughout Turkey. Realizing many novelties in its field and undersigning several starters, Atlantis is at all times aware of the fact that it is constituting a sample and thereby yearning to fulfill its responsibilities in the best possible manner.

Our vision;

  • Customer oriented,
  • International reputation,
  • Governing the future,
  • Always prioritizing quality,
  • Friendly with the environment,
  • To be an institution that aims for sustainable growth and continuous change

Our vision;

To create an organizational structure that is human-oriented, respectful of the environment, and governs the future, processing information and transferring it to future generations with our engineering technology to be a pioneer in the field with R & D projects in production,

Our values;

  • Human focus,
  • Internal and external customer focus,
  • Sciencereferences,
  • Social intelligence,
  • Team spirit,
  • Total Quality,
  • Lifelong education,
  • Productivity


  • Our leading brand,
  • Our leading sectoral knowledge base,
  • Our R & D projects,
  • Our technology level,
  • Our management skills,
  • Our communication skills