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The hardest working, most reliable and versatile compact machines on the market

• Maximizes the labor force, minimizes the hand power,
• Increases productivity and gets the job done faster,
• You get more business and expand your business,
• It can handle almost any task using its additional attachments,
• Works in narrow areas where large machines cannot reach,
• It leads without damaging the grass,
• It can go almost anywhere with a thin track on the existing lawn,
• It has extra traction to overcome hills, mud and sand,

You Save Time and Labor While Doing Your Job….

You can perform many activities with a single machine with the help of attachments;

• Excavation,
• Excavation closure,
• Correction,
• Soil cultivation,
• Rake,
• Double riding,
• To mix up,
• Scraping correction,
• Filling,
• Cleaning,
• Auger,
• Dismantling,
• Transport,

How to Choose the Right Compact Machine for You?

Atlantis offers various models of compact construction equipment and attachments in order to provide the equipment that best suits you, which will make you more productive and profitable.
• According to the ground/soil types you are working with (stone, clay, sand, grass),
• According to the altitude and weather conditions you are working at,
• According to the attachments you need in your job,


Tracked Models;
• Developed structure for better ride and finer footprint in sandy or wet ground conditions,
• Easily controllable structure and high working capacity

Wheeled Models;
• Ability to maneuver well in tight spaces,
• Wide viewing angle in the work area thanks to the integrated operator platform,

Gasoline or Diesel Models;
• Long machine life,
• Excellent performance in cold weather conditions or hot climates,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]